Art by Mechelle J. Fox

Original Acrylic Paintings

Welcome To My Little Corner of The Web


Hi, my name is Mechelle and I am an artist. No, this is not the start of a twelve step program meeting but I could easily say that I am addicted to creating art. I have been at it in one form or another for at least forty years. My current medium is acrylic paint. Specifically working with fluid acrylics.

I never thought of myself as a painter until I came across this way of applying paint to canvas. Because of the intricacies involved in fluid dynamics and differing material densities I feel like I am guiding the paint and working with it rather than making it conform to my will. Each painting is a truly one of a kind piece that can never be reproduced. Many times what appears surprises me as much as any other viewer such as the dragons you may be able to see peeking out from the painting below.

Hunting Dragons

The Method Behind the Art

Starting with artist quality acrylic paints and a medium that contains acrylic binders I thin the paints to a flowable consistency. I layer the paints either directly onto the canvas or into a vessel to pour onto the canvas.

Different pigments have different densities so I choose what color goes where based on how I want them to interact. 

After the paint is on the canvas I use gravity, airflow and different physical methods to manipulate and spread it into its final form.